Monday, 13 April 2015


I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.

This is paranormal at its best, what a truly well written, informative, extraordinary book.  What do you do when at almost hitting 40 years old you suddenly are informed that you have WITCHLIGHT which has been inherited from your mother?  This is the story about a woman who in her late 30s does exactly that, finds out from a rather peculiar male witch with an even more peculiar name Patridge Mayflower, who is there to Mentor her in the arch of witchery and to show her how her powers work (not that she was aware she had any).  Daily they practise, and they both soon realise that her power is greater than normal which means her mother had to have been a great witch.  Now Holly was adopted and her adopted mother dies, her father is still alive.

Holly and Patridge begin the search for her birth mother, and Holly is determined to find out who she is, what her reasons for giving her up were, and who her biological father is or was.

Along the journey, Holly finds love and wants to keep hold of her man.  Patridge and her find who her mother is (or is she) Holly discovers her father's identity too.  Perhaps all is not as it seems, but you have to read this fabulous book in order to determine yourself.  

There are funny, sad, magical, parts in this story, its so well written and delivers you into another world of magic and you get drawn right in so that you will struggle to put this book down.

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