Sunday, 15 February 2015

JADE by Skylar Wood

This is about a rich businesswoman and a porn star/prostitute, the main character Jade is the rich one, and Stacie is the porn star. After hiring Stacie for a sexual liason Jade finds herself drawn to this stunning beautiful woman like she has never been in her whole life. Reluctant to stop the encounter Jade suggests they spend some time together and she books her for a few weeks and off they go on a trip. This is where the love affair begins, they fall deeply in love, and you can feel the closeness between them, you can see the looks they give each other, you can feel the touching, need I say more ? All in all a very hot sexually explicit well written book about a lesbian love affair. Being hetro i found it hard to read the first couple of pages but I was determined to read on, and I am so glad I did.

I would point out that I normally finish a book in one or two days, this took me just over a week, as I had to constantly put the kindle down due to my body temperature rising lol, talk about getting hot and bothered - well this should got hot and so did I.