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Review of Survival (Twisted Book 1) by Rebecca Sherwin

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Skye is the main character in this story, she has had many traumatic things happen to her during her life, things that would send any normal person insane.  Skye is a fighter, she fights to survive, to get over the obstacles put before her.  As a child her father walked out, her mother was an alcoholic, her sister had left home, there was just Skye and Oliver her twin brother who she adored with a passion.
Skye an Oliver planned to leave home together, they were saving enough to leave, but one day the mother took off left the home and took their money.  Oliver was fighting in the ring to get money, Skye did not know, but, she found out and rushed to the place where he was fighting, just in time to see him getting so injured during the fight he died.

I loved this heart-felt story, it touched me, the story of Skye and her struggles was so real, so traumatic, like many people have suffered.  You can physically feel her grief, feel her despair, feel her struggle to go on.

Skye does go on she gets helped to get over her grief, she found Thomas, her soul mate.  Nobody could help but love this story, it has so much depth, so much tenderness.  There is also plenty of hot raunchy sex to get your blood bubbling and your senses.

Truly amazing story, and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series, I absolutely freaking loved it!!!!

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FREE from 28th June to July 6th DAMAGED by Avelyn Paige

#CancerSucks #KickAssTakeNames #Damaged #NotBroken

Evie Carter has faced trials and tribulations her entire life. Her teenage years have been ripped away from her as she battles cancer. Just when things can’t get any worse, her doctor delivers the news that it’s finally time to make a life or death decision. Her options are limited and come with deadly consequences. The miracle drug that is meant to save her life changes her on a cellular level. She might not be damaged anymore, but she might just be damned in her new life.

“I’m so sorry—” begins Dr. Lu“—but, Evie isn’t going to survive her treatment. Her body is beginning to shut down.  She was just too weak to make it through the procedure. I thought she would be strong enough after her pre-trial exam, but even I could not predict her reaction to the procedure. I fear that in just a few short hours her brain activity will cease and her blood pressure will rapidly begin to drop. We’ve made her comfortable so you can say your goodbyes, but barring a miracle or an act of God, Evie is gone.” Heavy sobs fill the room as my family breaks down at the news.

Gone? How in the fuck am I gone? I’m right here! I want to scream at Dr. Lu for scaring my parents like this. I just need to get more of these drugs out of my system so I can show them that I am still here. I feel fine! I feel better than I have in months and she’s telling my family I’m dying? I don’t understand!!  I AM RIGHT HERE! 

Avelyn Paige is a born and raised Indiana girl. She may be a Hoosier by birth, but she’s a Boilermaker by choice! Avelyn lives in rural Indiana with her pastor husband, 2 spoiled cats, and one very odd looking dog.  She’s an oncology research scientist by day and a writer and book review blogger by night. She enjoys reading anything she can get her hands, baking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Never intending on ever writing her own book, the idea behind the Damaged series came to her on a drive to work early one morning thinking about her father who’d recently passed away. His strength during his cancer and rare blood disease battle inspired Avelyn to do something she’s never thought about before. She’s excited to see where this wild ride takes her. 

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5 stars - My Review of Life or Death by Michael Robotham

I was provided a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  I have to thank them for allowing me to read this fantastically amazing thriller which I absolutely loved.

Audie Palmer is a convicted criminal, the crime he was convicted of was an armed robbery, a botched one at that.  Two of the robbers were killed, the other suspect not convicted though is Audie's brother, and it is assumed he is living it up on the $7m dollars that was never found.

Audie is due to be released from prison in one more day, but for some reason he decides to escape, this immediately sets the alarm bells off, why would he risk another prison sentence by escaping when all he had to do was sit tight for one more day?  Well believe this when I tell you, all will be revealed, he has reasons, but not only are the law going after him, so are others!

This is one hell of a story, its a roller-coaster ride of of twists, turns, ups, downs, you will be enthralled by the wonderful way the author has written this book.  His characters are so believable, the storyline fantastic, it is one of those books you will never ever forget.  An exceptionally well written book!!

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Review of POE Nevermore by Rachel M. Martens

I was given a copy of this by Story Cartel  in return for an honest review

The story is dark, dangerous, exciting, it is really bordering on horror told by the first person, Elenora Allison Poe, known in the story as Poe.

The story started off fairly straightforward, so I curled myself up on the sofa looking forward to a basic suspense thriller.  Well things soon started heating up, chilling me to the bones in places, and having me biting my nails in other parts.

Poe has suffered some mental health issues, depression being the main problem, stemming from an incident in the past.  Her life has been far from simple or normal, she has survived more than most people would go through in a lifetime, and here she is at the age of 24 having coped with so much.  There are enough twists and turns in this story to keep any reader gripped to the end of the seat, with some amazing shocks thrown in to the mix.

I am really reluctant to give any more away because this is such an exciting book, that I would hate to spoil anyone's enjoyment.  This is one of the best stories of this type I have read in a long long time.

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Review of BOUND FOR HELL (book one) by KENDRA LEIGH

Angel, was terrified of relationships, her idea of a relationship was just sexual, she would love them and leave them so to speak. Although a stunning  looking woman Angel will not commit to any man.  She works hard, plays hard but none of the guys mean anything to her.

One night everything changes she catches the eye of Ethan Wilde and her heart races, she is immensely sexually attracted to him by his terrific looks and amazing body, and by the way he looks at her in return it is clear he feels the exact same.  Angel ends up sleeping with Ethan, she decided before hand that he is probably a love them and leave them kinda guy, but is she right? Could Ethan want more?   

Well that is all the information I am prepared to disclose relating to the actual story for fear of spoiling it, but, I will tell you this is sexually explosive, the sex scenes are explicit, it's not just hot it's on fire, the Author writes so beautifully you cannot help but be swept away in this terrific story. 

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Review of The Soul Stone - by Jamie Marchant

I Received a copy of this book in exchange an honest review.


An evil roams the kingdom, the source of it stems from The Soul Stone, and an evil Bard named Alvabane was responsible for  using the Soul Stone's powers to curse the land, where everything was dying.  Nothing was sacred, the plants, the insects, animals and the humans all were dying, and only one person in the kingdom stood a chance of destroying the stone and ending Alvabane's attempts to destroy the land and Her Highness Queen Samantha, the person the gods had chosen was  the husband of Queen Samantha, can King Robrek succeed, can he survive?

This book is amazing, it is a time warp, of olden times, of magic and mystery,  where loyalty and honour  were how lands thrived.  Kings & Queens ruled. Priests and High Priests ruled the churches, but not all were loyal to the queen and her husband.  They believed she had damaged the church by marrying a peasant, even though that peasant was chosen by a God to be the then princess' husband.  

Many twists and turns happen, many characters are involved, beautiful creatures are talked about, healers were busy healing ill and dying, and evil doers were busy creating more havoc by their curse.  I was swept along on this mystical journey and enjoyed every moment of the trip.  I was so engrossed in the story, I even found myself shouting out loud warnings or encouragement!!!

The Author has created a magical story, fabulous characters, beautiful creatures like the Horsetad, amazing descriptive details given so much so you can imagine you are there involved in the story. I loved this story so much, I was transported along with the characters, feeling their pain, revelling in their joy.  Truly awesome read!!


The Opsona Journey Series
Stage One Blog Tour + Giveaway!

The Opsona Journey Series, Stage One is a Paranormal Erotic Romance with a hit of Dark Fantasy Adventure. It contains the first three Opsona books; Immortal Tempest, Fated Betrayal, and Shadowed Intentions plus extras. Including extra content, title illustrations, and a sample from book four, Depraved Alliance.

Stage One Blurb

"I would no longer be a mortal servant, a pet kept for sick entertainment. I had been chosen for initiation, to become one of the immortals…A vampire. My transition continued on far longer than any other, filling my body with a pain that was beyond the natural senses. After four days of writhing in the burning change I blacked out, and what woke in my place was not a vampire. It was in a word…Chaos."

No longer an average mortal Opsona warrior and far from a vampire, Serenity is an unnatural force that rivals anything found in the planes of the Underworld. An advantage that her master, Vondorian, uses in his quest to conquer the mortal world, while luring her into his bed with seductive promises. A flawless venture until the day she is struck down in battle.

Slain by a man with haunting greens eyes and hidden by shadows, Serenity has lived the last century of her immortal life with a nagging conscience. A lingering pest of a mortal voice conflicting with her vampire instincts, which only grows more unruly as Serenity and her master move to conquer the city of Tentusa. A small but important place nestled in a sacred valley, and Serenity's former home.

With the pull of her former life drawing out the mortal voice deep within, three centuries of loyalty between master and servant are put to the test. Serenity's disobedience grows stronger with each passing hour, and when a new stranger arrives things only grow more complicated. Which is stronger…Serenity's desires, the mortal voice, or the creature she fears within?

Cret is child of twisted fate looking for acceptance. Half Opsona, half demon. His demon father sees him only as an enemy, and his estranged Opsona brethren, protectors of the mortal world, use him for their own means.

In his need for Opsona approval he killed the woman he desired only to find she survived nearly a century later. Now he is face with an impossible decision. Kill Serenity and fall back into the hell of a world without her, or disobey his Opsona brethren and sentence himself to death.

Everything Cret has known, loved, and protected has fallen. Having failed his former teacher and master he is now faced with the aftermath of Serenity's rage, once she learns he was the one that struck her down in battle all those years ago.

The struggle between duty and heart has begun for Cret, and the innocent people of Tentusa are caught in the middle as the vampire armies arrive. Can Cret turn his back on Serenity, the woman that wants him dead, when she asks for his help?

"I had jumped so blindly as her request because it was Serenity asking, but could I trust her?" ~Cret~



A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework and studying for her Masters in Illustration. A movie junkie, video game addict, and secret ninja in training she lives life under the idea that "if you don't know how to do something, go learn it!"


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RELEASE BLITZ of Lies in Rewind by Tali Alexander

Title: Lies in Rewind
Series: Audio Fools #2
Author: Tali Alexander
 Release Date: June 26, 2015


"Karma never disappoints. Karma always delivers..."

New York City attorney Sara Klein has created a perfect world for herself with her beautiful lies. A world in which she is the object of every man’s fantasies and the envy of every woman. Only one man knows the truth about the dark secret Sara is hiding, the only man she’s ever loved and can never have.

But Sara’s world of lies starts to unravel the day sexy British heir William “Liam” Knight storms into her life. He’s seeking revenge and answers for past betrayals, and will use anyone he can to get them.

An unlikely friendship between two lonely hearts seeking solace turns into love that will shatter a lifetime of lies, span two continents, and leave Sara facing the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her God.

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New York


I’m at my usual table eating my usual Nutella-filled chocolate croissant and sipping English breakfast tea with milk and two sugars. I look down at my favorite navy Prada suit paired with my nude colored Jimmy Choos. I smooth over my hair that, thanks to my useless alarm clock, I didn’t have time to deal with this morning; therefore, it’s pulled back. But I made it, I’m here and I wait. I wait almost every single day. I’ve only missed seeing them while I moved to London for a few years, but other than that—rain, snow, or shine—I’m always here.

The staff at Joanna’s restaurant are incredible; I have been coming here almost every day for seven years and they just leave me to my business. They don’t ask me what I want, they already know, they just nod their hello and bring me my usual. I sit in my customary tiny table by the window as I wait to see him leave his house. I have the perfect view of his brownstone from this angle. He sometimes looks up toward the corner restaurant before getting into his car, almost as if he senses me watching him.

I look down at my watch; it’s almost half past seven and he still hasn’t left his house. I finish my flaky brioche and wonder for the millionth time how they fucking get all that velvety smooth chocolate inside without marring the pastry, must be a syringe, I conclude as I devour the last bite and look out the window just in time to see his black car pull up. A minute later, he finally emerges, clean-shaven and hair still slightly damp. I inhale as if I’m standing right next to him. The three of them get into the back of his chauffeured SUV and drive off.
Time’s up! I think sadly to myself and whisper “See you tomorrow, JJ,” to no one in particular.

Author Bio

“Nothing really to tell, what you see is what you get.”

I am every woman out there that has fantasies in her head. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother, and a friend. I happen to also be a Doctor of Pharmacy and a business owner by day, and now a writer by night. Writing and reading help me escape the scary world we live in. I hope my stories help readers experience many different emotions and ultimately, I hope I make them smile…

Writing keeps me sane. I hope reading does the same for you.

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blood moon over africa cover

Blood Moon Over Africa
Book 1, Blood Trilogy
by Paul Zunckel

Africa, a place where superstition and witchcraft runs deep, a place of beauty, but where death lurks in the shadows. A land shrouded in mystery, with ancient beliefs simmering just beneath the surface - set on a collision course with modern western ideas.
An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night... under the full moon... and nothing is safe.
Piet van Zyl, safari owner, finds himself drawn into a world of witchcraft, and face to face with a horror returned from the grave. With the support of Veronica Strydom, with her vast knowledge of African Culture, he must rid the night of the abomination, or die trying.

blood moon 2 pic

Author Paul Zunckel

Author Paul Zunckel

Paul Zunckel was born in 1957 in Zimbabwe, then known as Rhodesia. His family moved to South Africa in 1966, where he completed his schooling at Kingsway Senior High School in Amanzimtoti.
He did his two years National service in the South African Defence Force as an Ops Medic, wanting to follow his heart and study medicine, but life got in the way.
Paul was employed in Air Traffic Control for twenty years, and has been involved in Management positions for over twenty-five years. He has a Human Resource Management Diploma, and is an accredited Facilitator.
He started to write full time in August 2014, about something that is close to his heart... Africa. The mysteries, the superstitions, and all the beauty and treachery of the land. He holds his wife responsible for the road he is now traveling, as she was the driving force behind him in his Debut novel, Blood Moon over Africa. Since then, the stories line up to be told.
Paul loves to write as it takes him into another world, and he enjoys the reaction that he receives from readers.
Apart from writing novels, he also plays the guitar and writes his own material, although he is unable to read music. Music forms a big part of his life, and he can lay claim to having cut one CD, although he does say, “I’m too old to be an idol.”
He has two children from a previous marriage, and has been married to Lucie, the love of his life, for the last fourteen years. Paul and his family live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa along with man’s best friend, a cross Alsatian/Lab  who answers to the name “Pooch”  and is at his feet every time he sits down to write and will not move until “his human” is finished and types The End.

blood moon pic 4

Where to find Paul Zunckel online
Website: https://PaulZunckelAuthor.wordpress.com
Twitter: @zuncks
Facebook: Paul’s Facebook Page
Blog: https://PaulZunckelAuthor.wordpress.com

vanilla heart pic


I received an Arc from the Author in return for an honest review.

5 Star

The story of Garnet and her career as a DJ in LA continues.  Wes Black still persues her, and she is struggling to keep her distance.

Gar is on tour, and Wes is also accompanying her on this tour, something she did not expect but as his father owns the company Red Star that she signed with, she cannot do a thing about it, except keep her distance as best she can from Wes.  Gar is remembering more and more of her drunken night with Wes, and she realizes she was more than willing.  Gar has made it clear to Wes that this will not happen again that her heart belongs to Lena, this stings Wes, he really has strong feelings for Gar.

The time away from Lena her long-term live-in lover, is tough on her, tough on them both actually.  Lena went home to her mother while Gar was away.  Lena's mother has never been happy of the pair's relationship.  Lena still has no idea that anything happened between Gar and Wes, and Gar has no intention of telling her and breaking her heart.

Wes is still upset at Gar's statement about her heart belonging to Lena, and he rather childishly changes Gar's normal spot behind the closing Gig, to near the start of the Gig.  Basically meaning she loses some of the excitement of being high on the TOP SPOTS - Gar's manager Xavier tells her that the way to go out on this Gig with a bang, is for her to sing, they both know she can sing, and he knows that her fans would love to hear her sing a whole song, instead of the odd vocal during her performance as a DJ.  Gar although nervous agrees, and on this last night of this Gig, she decides she will sing, and show Wes, and his father Maxwell that she deserves top billing.

I will not say anything else about this story now as I do not want to give anything away but this is a great part of the story, not to be missed, and I am sure the Author will keep this going in any further books she may have up her sleeve for Garnet.

Once again the sex is hot !!! Just thought I had better mention that!

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I received a copy of this by the Author in return for an honest review.  I am under no obligation to give anything other than my honest opinion.
My Rating for this is 4 Stars.
Wildflower is an inspiring  book about growing, learning, and love. It tells the story of a young girl who loses her father and must move back to the States with her aunt and uncle where she must find her place in this new life, a life  that she did not expect to have to live. Sydney goes from knowing what love is from a wonderful father to being treated like a burden by her uncle who wishes she was not living in his home and in his daughter's room (he lost his daughter at a young age). Sydney must endure watching her aunt being treated badly as well as suffer her own abuse.

Sydney finds solace in her new friend Lexy, who has a very different background than Sydney. Lexy has had her own set of troubles. When she loses her mother, her aunt steps in as the mother figure for her and as her father’s lover. Then, her aunt leaves her and her father to take care of each other. Lexy does all that she can to protect her father from gold diggers, and she loves to play pranks on the potential women in her father’s life. Lexy and Sydney form a bond and friendship that helps both of them through the tough times in their lives.

This book also tells of Sydney’s aunt and the hard times that she goes through with her husband and losing her job. Blanche (Sydney’s aunt) has to deal with the brunt of her husband’s abuse and the fact that he does not believe in her dreams. Then, Blanche meets Max (Lexy’s father) and re-learns what it mean to love and this reignites a passion inside her. When she loses her job, Max believes in her and helps her follow her dreams.
If like many of us you are looking for encouragement to be yourself and for motivation to follow your dreams, regardless of what life throws at you, then this book will deliver!! It is an honest and real book that you can relate to and truly enjoy. I hope that anyone that reads this book can gain something from it and follow their dreams.
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I received an Arc copy of this book from the Author in return for an honest review.

5 Stars

After reading book one about Garnet Delaware, one of the hottest DJ's in LA, and her relationship with Lena, I was determined to read the rest of the series.

Gar has been signed up by Red Star, a contract which is going to promote her career in a big way.  It also means at times she will be away from home and away from Lena.  This fact terrorises Gar, she is very aware that things between her and Wesley Black have gone too far, she is terrified that Lena will find out, she is eaten up with guilt and also determined that nothing will happen again with Wes and her ever again.

I can tell you that I was not dissapointed at all with the continuation of this story, it carried on at a steady pace, the sex scenes were hot, the way the story unfolds was written well, the characters are extremely likeable, all in all its an extemely believeable story which I am going to continue to read in the next book.

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I received an Arc copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.  I am only obliged to give my honest opinion which I have.

The main character in the story is Garnet (Gar) who is a top DJ, despite having a tough life she worked hard to get to where she is, making  a career from her love of the music industry.  Garnet is in a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend Lena, and is very happy with her life as it now is.

Gar meets Wesley Black (Wes), an ex-NFL football player who wrecked his career, by being tested positive for drugs.  He was brought up by his mother after his father Maxwell Thompson walked out on them.  Now Wes is back under his father's wing, working for him.  Wes has seen Gar and is drawn to her like a magnet, he is determined to help her career at the same time redeem himself in his father's eyes.  Wes also is besotted with Gar, and wants to have a sexual relationship with Gar, but the problem is Gar is having none of it she is in love with Lena and does not plan on ending the relationship for Wes or anyone else.

Gar is offered a contract with Red Star, a string of nightclubs around the country.  Red Star only hires the best DJ's around, so Gar is delighted to be given this opportunity.  It's the offer of a lifetime and will ensure her plenty work and plenty exposure.  Her contract will involve doing gigs at the clubs and making appearances at any festivals they sponsor.  It is something Gar cannot turn down, this will make her even bigger in the music industry than she already is.

Red Star is owned by Maxwell Thompson, and Gar was recommended to Maxwell by his son Wes, he knows Gar is good enough, that she is very talented, but he also wants to help her, and to be closer to her.  Gar, of course, is not aware Maxwell is Wesley's father.

This is a great story, well written, sexually explicit in parts, it has you wanting more and more.  You can feel for Gar, the life she has had as a child, the way she worked her backside off to make it work.  The relationship she has with Lena, the fear she has of Wes, and how he seems to make her react.

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Review of The Devil's Way by Lamees A.

I received a copy of his book from the publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

The main character Malcolm is an exceptionally intelligent man, who is touring Europe on his YEAR OUT after finishing University and before starting work with his father's law firm.

I loved how the character was portrayed, how his intellect shone through, then the author throws in the mix, the priest Malcolm meets, who it turns out is The Devil, he has his sights on Malcolm's soul, and to get that he has to pit his wits against Malcolm and convince him that good is not as great as evil.  The priest character (the Devil) is phenomenal.  I found him funny at times.

This is not an easy read it takes a lot of concentration, but it is well worth the effort.

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My Review (5 Star) of The Light of The Eldari by T.F.G. WALLIS

I was given an Arc copy of this book by the Author in return for an honest review, I am under no obligation to give a good review as I am only required to be honest.  The following review is my honest opinion !!

This was a great read, there was space travel involved,  not sure if it was supernatural, paranormal, but there was so much going on it kept you reading on, without getting bored.  Strange names, like Tzoona, Mixen, Drask, Orrelhack, Chask, Ungo, Trit, Con,  Finds, the evil tyrant Zog, the people of Topek, 

There are various characters involved in the story, but the main plot is around the Eldari, ancient beings who are guided by all things good, they are superior in every way, they have powers of unimaginable forces, all used to protect the Light.  This seems to be something that others who are not so good are trying to find!!  Evil searches for the Light, for this powerful source, from where they are unsure it is coming from.

A band of men landed on the planet to find the Light, they were not evil, they were good, and they were part of the main plot, who along with the Eldari headed to where the Light was.  The Eldari knew all about it and what it was, but he, of course, kept this secret to himself.   One of the men, Con, accidently swallowed a piece of Heartstone, and the watch was on him whilst they waited on him passing the piece of stone out.  He didn't pass the stone out, instead it seemed to consume him and fill him with powers that even the powerful Eldari could not match.  This is where you get the clue that the Heartstone is the Light and the power that they all seek.

There are many weird and wonderful things in this story, I loved the part where one man who was called Finds was consumed by the evil in the forest, he became one of them, he no longer saw the foul gruesome ugly trees, he saw only beauty within them.  It creeped you out but kept you mesmerized waiting for the next unimaginable thing to happen.

A truly well written, in-depth, story, with enough twists and turns, the occasional funny parts, it felt a bit historical too when other races, planets etc were described.

The evil in the story was powerful, and I was sitting gripping the chair at times, it was so intense.  

I do not think I have ever read a book like this, it really was compelling, a little hard to follow with so much happening at times, so many strange weird and wonderful names, I had to really shut myself off from everything and let the book just soak me in (which it did).  Hopefully, there will be another book to follow this fantastic story.!

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