Friday, 27 February 2015

Whispers in the Dark, release date expected 26th May 2015

5 star rating given.

I was given this book by the publishers via  Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

At this present time this book is not published and as so changes could be made to final edition.

Exciting, strange and gripping, Whispers in the Dark, the name really suits the story.  However the twists and turns in the story are unexpected you think one thing is about to happen but its different totally to what you expect.  I found the characters really great, Adrian Ramirez did a few naughty things in his teenage years, basically him and Christy were lovers, but then he just turned his back on her, although he didnt understand her urgent need to have him go with her to the hospital one night, he decided he was not interested!!!
He inherits his grandmothers house, where he grew up as a child, and becomes a teacher at the  posh school in his home town, where he moves with his girlfriend.

His first term at the new school begins, and immediately he senses something strange.  The students seem to dislike one or two classmates and blame them for their friends vanishing from the school for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile his girlfriend is finding living at the old rickety house that he was brought up in, to be scary, noisy, and she does not like being their alone at all.  Strange mysterious noises.  Let us leave here she begs Adrian!!!!

Adrian struggles to deal with his own issues, panic attacks he has been suffering , his new class of students, his uneasy feelings about things in the school, and the strange happenings at home.

I really liked this book, it had a bit of everything you could wish for in a story, comical parts, sad parts, scary parts, yes definitely an excellent read.  I will be watching for more Chase Jackson books in the future!!!!