Friday, 4 December 2015

My review of DRAGO+STAR by J. Johanis

Review my 4stars rating

This was a shape-shifter, alien, human story, all intertwined, Gideon was based on a faraway planet, and the fact that he was a gay man in the military did not hold him back.  Gideon moved up the ranks and spoke many different languages, he could understand aliens quite easy.  There was a plan to train Gideon and his men, on a special mission, they signed a waiver to cover the military's ass basically and were left waiting on training to begin.

Now how would you deal with waking up butt naked in a cell, not even sure if you were still on your own planet? it would probably freak the best of us out.  Gideon soon became aware of the intentions, he was a prisoner, he now belonged to his master Drago, Gideon never learned to speak Dragon language because everyone believe it was an extinct race, long gone, but here he was faced with one, and that Drago was going to use and abuse him, he would make him learn who was master.  Drago had a human form, and Gideon actually felt something towards him, perhaps in another place or time or if Drago was just human they could have been more than Master and prisoner.

Gideon, of course, is military trained, he refuses to submit, he fights Drago, so he is punished.  Believe me when I say that his punishment was cruel, gruesome, made me cringe slightly, but this had to be the way.

I got engrossed in this story, it had so much going on, but it is M/M with a femdom character also, it includes a lot of explicit sexual scenes.  Totally different from my normal reads, but I would definitely read more from this Author.