Friday, 5 February 2016

Review: Cruel Water

Cruel Water Cruel Water by Freya Barker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG this story just rips at your heart strings. I loved my first visit to the Skipper via From Dust, which is where Syd, and Gunner's story was told, but Viv was mentioned in there. I loved that book, and when I was given the chance to read Viv's story I jumped at the opportunity.

Well I totally love Freya's skill at writing, she has you feeling how the characters felt, I was choked up at times, crying at others, laughing at others. Emotions get taken for a ride at the start and do not stop till the end.

This story is about not 1 but 2 delicate subjects. Most women struggle to come back from one of these subjects, let alone 2, but our main character Viv has been subjected to them and on the surface appears to have survived but has she??

Ike our sexy man in the story, has also had heartbreak in his life, a strong military guy, he has learned how to mask his trauma too, but his brother's death is different, it is family, it is his brother and he feels responsible.

Viv and Ike end up having a night of passionate sex, no names are mentioned, they do not speak, they just enjoy their liaison, Viv sneaks out in the morning and that you may think is the end of that - well that is just the beginning. Both are damaged, but they are about to become each others crutch, can Ike help Viv mend and in so doing help himself?

This is one explosive story, touching on subjects sure to tear you apart at times, but it is written with such skill that makes their story so amazing. I take my hat off to Freya another fantastic book which melts your heart and soul.

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