Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Review: A Virtual Affair

A Virtual Affair A Virtual Affair by Tracie Podger
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Get the tissues at hand, because you will need them. This is a heartwrenching story. I absolutely loved this book. I was given a copy in return for an honest review.

Well, this story definitely tugs at the heart strings, and I am sure there are many hundreds of women who can relate to Jayne's story. This is a powerful tale of a woman who is no more than a possession, to a husband who loves only himself.

Notwithstanding the fact she bore him a Son and a Daughter, he still had no time for Jayne, he could not even be bothered with his Son, but he did seem to adore his daughter. The jerk in this story is called Michael, although I would like to call him something much stronger, but my review would be banned. Michael is very active in his sex life, just not with his wife, he has many affairs over the years.

Jayne has a very good friend called Carla, she too has had an adulterous husband that she recently divorced. Maybe Jayne will consider doing the same, but is she strong enough? It takes courage to go it alone, and she would be alone as her children are grown up starting out lives of their own. Her son has a girlfriend and is settled with her, they are starting their own little family. Her daughter follows her father, she realizes he gives her what she wants, but does she even know what she wants?

The story maybe to close to home for some, they may recognise themselves in similar situations, and the reason for that is because this story is real, it portrays how depression can grip you and how desperate you can feel. It also shows courage and determination, there are particular things in this story that will have you grinning so much your jaw hurts, and other things that will have you feeling like you are going to cry and never stop, so like I said at the start get the tissues ready as I am sure you will need them. This may be an uncomfortable subject for some and a trip down memory lane for others, but, this is a story of betrayal, of a wonderful love, of heartbreak, of defeat, of complete and utter misery, it is a story that touches your very core.

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