Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ardor (Ardor, #1)Ardor by Elena M. Reyes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sexy, sassy, funny, exciting Novella,

I was given a copy of Ardor in exchange for an honest review.

The main character is Gregory, manager of his store, he had a wife and home everything he needed except for one thing, his wife was a cheat who was just another GOLD DIGGER.

Distraught over his wife's behaviour Greg vows to keep away from women, but how will he manage to do that when one day a hot sexy woman names Jasmine walks into his store for an interview for a cashiers position. Jasmine does things to him he cant control, when he asks her to do something at work and she responds yes Sir, his legs turn to jelly, his manhood has a mind of its own when he is around her and she says that word yes SIR. Gregory fights with all his willpower to keep her at arms length, but this is one battle he will definitely lose!!! The man cannot function when she is not around, he is like a maniac when she goes on a date with anyone, yes he has the love bug, but can he admit it.

This story was funny, very sexually fired, a really well written novella that has you sitting wanting more and more

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