Sunday, 1 November 2015

REVIEW OF blindsided

My Review - 5 stars

Paige is the main female character in this story and Levi is the male. 

Levi - He is probably a bit of a big head, he is a Fighter and a very well known one and to top that he is a love them and leave them kinda guy. That is easy for him because the women fall all over him, but he never gives them another thought once he has had his wicked way with them. He never has a long term relationship and has never wanted one, he is never without someone to sleep with and this way he has no emotional ties to any of the women. However when he sees Paige, she catches his eye, and he makes no secret about the fact he wants her in his bed.

Paige - Her best friend is Blain, he is another male slag, Paige shares a flat with him and has seen on countless occasions how he treats women, how he lies to them, how he comes up with excuses, and her best friend has learned her a lot although he does no realise that is from her watching his behaviour to the ladies. Oh, don't get me wrong he is charming like Levi, good looking like Levi, but a womaniser like Levi too. 

Paige is definitely attracted to Levi, she is extremely aroused by him, his body is to die for and his eyes just seem to pull her into their deepest parts, she can barely keep her sanity around him, and he, of course, is not making things easy for her because of his persistence in chasing after her. It takes all her strength to keep him at arms length, and she fears she may be fighting a losing battle.

Blain warns her at first to keep away from Levi, then he is happy for her to take up with Levi when he realises who he is and a few free tickets to the fights won't go amiss either. Many might think Paige is a stuck up bitch or a bit of a prick tease, but if you actually read the story and concentrate on it, you will actually realise why she is not about to be another notch on Levi's bedpost. Paige has been through a lot and the last thing she wants is to get hurt, she wants more than a one-night stand or a quick fling, and she knows Levi is a man whore, so the chances of anything coming out of her being with him are non-existent, this is her theory. However, Levi has a different view of things. He sets out to prove her wrong, but come on, how many times have we seen a leopard change its spots? 0?

I love all the characters in this story, each one has a large part to play in making this story awesome. I loved the barman Mason, he made me chuckle a lot. 

Ok so we see where the story is going, but let me explain something, this is a fun story, it's hilarious in parts, heartbreaking in others, and the sexual content is sizzling hot, so hot it burns. This is panty soaking hot stuff.

This is he first time I have read any of he Author's work, but it will definitely not be the last. Her ability to have me smile, giggle, gasp, and have so many emotions running through my head in one story, means I am now a fan with a great big smile on my face knowing I will love all of her books if this is a taste of things to come.

I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, and it was a first-time contact between me and TC, I can truly say that this Author is a keeper, her great sense of humour is carried over onto her work.

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