Saturday, 21 November 2015

Review: Fallen Angel, Part 4 - A Mafia Romance

Fallen Angel, Part 4 - A Mafia Romance Fallen Angel, Part 4 - A Mafia Romance by Tracie Podger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have just completed this book, and omg the author has shattered me! I have followed Robert & Brooke along with Travis and Evelyn and the other characters since I first read Part 1. This story has been absolutely awesome from the beginning, and each book just keeps me gripped from the very first page I open.

Reading Robert & Travis story (books to go with this series) enlightened you to their life and where they began their journey, then Evelyn her story had to be told too. We then read about Rocco the man who Evelyn loved and lost. These are no ordinary characters, The Author makes them so real to you. They are extraordinary people with dark and dangerous lives, you definitely cannot help but think of them any other way except your family, I loved each and every one of these main characters, and hated others with a vengeance. Talk about getting you emotional, wow this series sure does that!!

You laugh with them, you cry with them, you feel like you have been dragged inside out and put through a wringer. Tracie Podger sure knows how to turn a story into something you are hooked on, you cannot put it down, you feel like dying when you're getting to the last few pages, you cannot stand the thought of the story being finished.

I could have took a stick to the Author and smacked her a few times during this book, it got me so emotional, I was yelling at the kindle DON'T YOU DARE, imagining what was coming next. I feel emotionally drained at the end of this story, but it was amazing, one that I will never forget for sure.

My thanks to the Author for allowing me to read an advance copy of her amazing story. Now who do I send the bill to for the tissues?

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