Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Review: Seth

Seth Seth by Jo Raven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seth and Madeline (Manon ), Seth is a battered, bruised and damaged apprentice at Damaged Control tattoo parlor, he has a horrific past that most would not have survived, his mother was a drunken druggie who put men and drugs before her son. She caused him to end up in prison, he has never had an easy life and still nothing is going his way.

Manon is a beautiful creature who Seth has loved from a distance for a long time, she is a dancer a ballerina, who Seth believes in his heart he cannot ever have, she is too good for him in his own mindset, she would never want him (or would she). Manon is looking for love but she is looking at Fred, for some reason she thinks he is for her, but perhaps he thinks different?

One night when the rains are pouring from the heavens, and Seth takes himself out even though he can barely walk, he heads to the store for some pain killers. All of a sudden out of nowhere a car almost hits him, he falls over and struggles to get back up. The driver rushes to help him and he looks up and cannot believe his eyes it is Manon, she helps him to stand, but he is very unsteady, feeling shitty she takes him home to get him dried and warm. Can this be the start of something fantastic? Can Seth get the girl of his dreams?

Jo Raven delivers these stories with so much depth each character you get to know fills your heart with emotion, Seth tore at my heart strings, made me want to hug him and tell him things will get better. Jo sure makes you feel part of the story, you get so emotionally involved in each character, you feel their pain, you enjoy their laughter, you cry with their sorrow, and blush at the hot sex that is definitely a strong part of Jo's stories. OMG this is one of these stories that grabs you by the windpipe and presses so hard you cannot breathe at times. Enjoy the highs, feel the lows, you really get every nerve pulled one way then the next - you have to love the author's style of writing. I have read the other damage control books and I can honestly say that each of them are fantastic.

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