Saturday, 3 October 2015

Review: Allegiance

Allegiance Allegiance by Rebecca Sherwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I discovered Survival which is the first in the Twisted Series written by the same Author, after reading it I was hooked, it basically was one of those books you really could not put down, you wanted to keep reading more and more. Finding out that was the first book in the series excited me, as I knew I could get even more of the great characters. Then came Revival which again was terrific, gripping, and as thrilling as the first book was. Oh, but wait there is more, after Revival came Thrive, and omg I was in heaven, my need for more was being met, this series is definitely one I will never forget! It gets you by the windpipe and has you holding your breath. it has you crying and yep UGLY CRYING, you will smile as well at the bickering and banter going on between the characters.

Ok now were here at book 4, is it as good? Hell Yeah, is it as thrilling? EVEN MORE SO! does it curl your toes? definitely, does it MINDf..k you? HELL YEAH. This is every bit as good as the first was, nothing has dropped down on the standard of the writing, the characters have been turned into our friends because we know them so well now.

Skye, a sweet but vengeful woman with the crazy name of Skye the Skillet
Curtis, he is a broken vessel, that only Skye can glue back together
Jesse, oh Jesse is a gentleman for sure, he is a Surgeon and a fighter
Oh, that is just a few of the terrific characters you will meet. Each of them has a story, one that will blow your mind and then some.

All I can say about this is DAMN I hope this is not THE END!

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