Friday, 30 October 2015

Review: The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One

The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One by Eme Strife
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eli and Matt are the two main characters. Eli is a rather poor young woman who although is employed as a glass collector in a high-end nightclub she is not earning a lot, she owns a broken clock that wakes her up at the wrong time (ok poor or not buy a new one as they are cheap). Eli falls asleep one night and has a vivid dream in which she ends up in a chapel and Matt catches her thinking she is an intruder, Matt is described as being a Soul Reaper although I did not notice him reaping any souls during the story, unless you can say he reaped Elis soul, both of them immediately were attracted to each other, they were drawn to each other. So we can clearly see dreams are intertwined because Matt must be dreaming about her too.

The sexual encounters in this story are hot and steamy, the language is strong, so I would recommend this for 18years and older. I did get a bit lost here and there as reality and dreams seemed a bit confusing, but I did enjoy what I read, not sure if I would wish to read further stories in the series.

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