Monday, 12 October 2015

Review: Storm (Sex and Bullets Book 1) by Jo Raven

Storm Storm by Jo Raven
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Raylin and Storm are our two main characters in this amazing story. Raylin is a young woman who has had to vanish due to her con artist father and brother who decided it would be fun to rip off the Chinese mafia, but when it landed on their head they did what every BAD relative would do and they blamed Raylin, they told the mafia she had the cash, putting her life in danger. So she ran and she kept on running until one day she meets Storm and her life changes forever. This man was everything she wanted and more, he is handsome, sexy, an amazing lover, but her past could put him at risk, she had to tell him about her past and the dangers.

Seems Storm is not the only one with secrets, he believes that his life has been put in danger and attempts on his life recently, although everyone else around him at that time believed he had imagined it all. Is he right? is his life in as much danger as Raylin? but Storm soon realises Raylin is embedded in his heart, his mind, his soul, he cannot and will not let her go, but he has to protect her.

This is one of these stories that you absorb, the pages just soak you into the story as if you are there right beside them at times. It has more than enough intrigue to keep us guessing, and, of course, there are the two main characters who in their early twenties are both hot and horny for each other, so there is lots of hot steamy sex for us romantics. The Author has the magic with her stories, every one of her books that I have read has been amazing, they are not just believable they are terrific. Each of her characters become like very good friends who you are hoping and praying things work out for. Be prepared for HOT & SIZZLING sex scenes, and plenty of them. Once you read this Author's work you will be a fan for sure, her stories are thrilling, exciting, and as I said HOT & SIZZLING.

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