Wednesday, 21 October 2015

review of Jasmine (Spinners Club Book 1) by Selene Jasper

The main characters in  this story are Jasmine and Draven, Jasmine had no family only her sister Zandra who was way too overprotective of her.

Jasmine took a trip to visit her friends and on a night out she was attacked outside a club, the club was owned by Draven's family, and he was the one who found her.  It was a kind of instant attraction he felt towards her, and even after the bashing she had taken, something was stirring within her, she realised it was Draven that was having this effect on her.

Jasmine refused to go to the hospital or to contact the police (her sister Zandra had her stay under the authorities radar).  Draven took her back inside to get her cleaned up and see his in-house doctor.  You may wonder why the club has a doctor, well it is a sex club, BDSM club, and the doctor is there just as a precaution in case anyone gets excessive, although running up against the brothers who ran the club.

Draven was a Dom, he loved that lifestyle, but he was instantly attracted to Jasmine, but he had to tread carefully to make her his.  Jasmine was mesmerised by Draven, and intrigued by his lifestyle.

Well, this was one hot and steamy read, definitely on a high flame, there was plenty going on in the story, I loved the characters that were also involved in the story especially Patience who was Jasmine's best friend and Draven's cousin.  This story takes you on a journey with Jasmine from being a loner who trusted nobody except her sister, to becoming a vibrant loving woman who finally found the courage to take control of her life and not let her sister run it any longer.

Totally enjoyable read with more than enough grit to keep you going.