Friday, 3 April 2015

BAD BONES - by Graham Marks - part of the Red Eye series.

I was provided an arc copy of this book by NetGalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Due for release in May sometime.

Wow, talk about gripping, I  stayed up all night to finish this book, I was totally unable to put it down.  Scared the living day out of me in parts, made me smile in other parts, its an absolutely terrific, terrifying book, not your typical murder mystery kind of book, this has a dark supernatural side to it, prepare yourself for the ride of your life with this book.  You will be feeling the terror at times, watching for signs of what is about to happen, you cannot imagine how a story can get you so hooked - well this one does.  Gabe (Gabriel) is the character in the book, interesting choice of name I thought at the beginning of the story but as I got into the book I realised it is such a well chosen name, it fits perfectly with the story line.

Does finding bones protruding from the ground give you the creeps? it would me!  If you saw jewels lying there would you take them? I think looking at an ancient set of bones would lead us all to think  this is never going to be found and the jewellery can get us out of a financial hole then why the heck not just slip them in our pocket to sell on later.  That is the start of Gabe's journey, to a dark and scary place that he has never believed exists.  When a female friend helps him, and a priest gets involved, well we think we are on the road to redemption, but hell is only beginning.

Believe me this is a great book, twists and turns, plots inside plots, written so great I am sure everyone who likes to jump a little will be engrossed in this as much as I was.