Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Review of Beyond Suspicion by Catherine A. Winn - Release date approx May 5th 2015

I received an Arc copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley, thank you so much for letting me read this exciting story.  My Rating 5stars.

Shelby is a typical 15-year-old teenager, she wants to have fun with her friends.  Not so easy when your mum has remarried and has a new baby to the stepfather.

Shelby is not keen on her stepfather Roger at all, but she does love her baby brother Josh, normally babysitting for him is not an issue but after her mum telling her she could attend her first boy/girl party, and buying her a new party outfit, then her new "stepfather Roger" changes his mind and insists Shelby babysits that night as he has an important business function to attend with Shelby's mom.

Upset and angry at both of them, Shelby puts Josh in his stroller and heads out to the park, spooked suddenly by firecrackers going off, Shelby watches them and not the stroller, but she does catch a glimpse of that same white van she has seen parked on her street, with a strange man and woman inside who creeped her out.  Shelby returns to the stroller to find it empty, and that's where her hell begins.  Nobody believes that her brother has been kidnapped by some stranger, they actually think Shelby has done something to him, after all she did send messages to her friends raging over him and not being allowed to go to the party.

Shelby is questioned over and over she is traumatised by the kidnapping, but she knows whilst they are investigating her the real culprits are getting further away and it will become less likely they will find little Josh safe.

Vicious posts on her favourite social media sites, hate mail, accusing her of being a murderer, this young girl has to endure a lot but, she does with determination, she has to find her brother, she has to get him back for her mother is suffering badly without her son.  It will also help prove to everyone that Shelby is innocent, however, how is she going to find her brother?

Well I read the whole book start to finish and really enjoyed this, you can sympathise with Shelby the poor kid is being subjected to some terrible questions, she is not even sure if her parents believe her, she knows her bests friends don't as they have told her they are not allowed to hang around with her anymore.

Shelby meets a young man called Matt, who offers to help her, she is suspicious of his motives but he seems nice and is rather "hot" so she accepts his help.  He drives her around looking for the white van, but they spot it but lose it, so head home disheartened.

This girl has more guts than most adults would have, she sets off on her own to track down someone she suspects of being involved in the kidnapping and finds herself snatched too.  Can she escape? can she take the baby?  Will she live or die? You have to read the book to find out all the little twists and turns that appear throughout a very well written story..