Thursday, 2 April 2015

MERCY a Dark Erotica by Lucian Bane

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5.0 of 5.0 stars
Wonderful Story, Great Characters!
ByJLazon April 1, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I loved this book! Sade is a troubled man trying to deal with his demons the only way he knows how. Mercy may seem innocent and naive, but say or do the wrong thing and BOOM she is kicking your ass(Poor Sade never sees it coming)!
Mercy just wants to help Sade and carry out what she feels her father had wanted. In the process of Mercy trying to help Sade, an unexpected thing happens...he actually helps her start to deal with her demons. The love story that blooms from these two is remarkable.
There were so many times in this book I thought I knew what was next and I was shocked(in a good way) to have been wrong. This story takes you out of the comfort zone to introduce you to some of the darkness in the world. Both Mercy and Sade had horrible childhoods and were abused in different ways and this causes intimacy issues for both of them. To hear some of the stories of what they went through had me in tears. My husband actually stopped me to make sure I was okay at one point when he saw the tears.
To have a book actually cause these emotions, to me, is the marks of a GREAT book! Anyone can tell a story, but only a true author can make you feel that you are right there with the characters experiencing it all. The end was a big cliffhanger and I was not prepared for the book to end yet. I was screaming NOO, YOU CAN'T END IT RIGHT NOW(in my head at this point because it was late at night and I did not want to wake my husband or the kids)! I can not wait for the next book to come out to see how the story continues and how it will end. Truly an amazing book Mr. Bane, well done!
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