Thursday, 30 April 2015

My 5 Star Review of GLYPH - The Scribe by Cyndie Shaffstall

Peru, the beginning of time it seems, this book is narrated by "The Scribe" who in essence is a woman who was trained in the art of drawing and writing the signs that would in later years be the "history books" of their people.  Created by the Gods, the Sun God, The Earth God etc, the land is protected by the Gods, but the Gods have to leave their earthly bodies and return to the heavens leaving the lands without their protection, thus allowing what we would call paganism where false gods, self-appointed gods, participate in human sacrifices, as well as animal sacrifices.  This was against the Sun God Inti's wishes, and he is displeased.

This was totally different to any book I have ever read, it took me almost a week to read when I normally read a book in a day or two at the most.  I think this was because the story was so detailed, so many characters to understand, the strange words, the strange names, everything was very detailed right down to how The Scribe created Maps, how she drew the flowers, plants, trees, giving a full written explanation of the things her civilisation had seen, done, and were planning to do.  It was like a beginning of time, kind of tale, how they created LAWS and had the equivalent of judges, how they divided the cities, the way the hierarchy was set out right down to the bottom run which was the farmers, who were to maintain the land and provided the sustenance for the people.  

Very enjoyable, read, I loved some of the descriptions of the people, the beliefs they held passed down from these Gods, the trust they had in them and how they adapted to deal with living without the living version of the Gods.

Every part of the book was full of information, explanations, colorful, heartwarming, but as I said there are many unusual names to try to follow, which did make it quite a difficult story to understand, hence slow reading is required!!!