Wednesday, 22 April 2015

REVIEW of DEPARTMENT 19 by Will Hill

I received an arc copy of this from the Publishers via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

MY REVIEW - 4 stars
I would describe this as a super fast action packed thriller aimed at young adults, with a thirst for vampires, Frankenstein and the likes.  Well written, dramatic, bits of violence,

Jamie Carpenter lands in Department 19, he discovers his late father was a vampire hunter for the government like a type of MI5 organisation. His mother is taken by another vampire (2nd eldest in the world).  Jamie loves his mum and will do anything to get her back.  Many obstacles are put in his way, you will love the flashbacks and descriptions provided, making it thoroughly enjoyable and interesting.  It really is fast-paced and I am sure boys, men and perhaps a few gutsy girls will love this book.  Watch out for Jamie, looks like this lad could become a lead character in spin-offs from this book, as there is much room for the author to do so.

Loved it even though I am far from being young or male, but I do love thrillers, and vampires so this was a great read for me.