Sunday, 12 April 2015

REDEMPTION ROAD by Lisa Ballantyne

I was supplied a copy of this book by the publishers/author via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Authors blurb: The crash is the unravelling of Margaret Holloway. Trapped inside a car about to explode, she is rescued by a scarred stranger who then disappears. Margaret remembers little, but she's spent her life remembering little - her childhood is full of holes and forgotten memories. And now she has a burning desire to discover who she is, why her life has been shrouded in secrets, and if it has anything to do with the mysterious man who saved her life.


When I began reading it I realised there were a lot of Scottish words which warmed my heart, being a Scot myself, it was totally authentic and I loved the fact that the author remained true to the characters and accents involved with them.

The story is extremely well written, it is segmented into sections for the various characters, like Kathleen, George, Margaret (Moll), George, Angus, Richard..  Easily read as each section deals with their characters individually, giving great insight to each of them.  Kathleen is George's sweetheart, who gets pregnant and is forced by her family to drop George in favour of the older man of their choice.

Kathleen starts a new life with her daughter Margaret and her new husband in the north of Scotland in a place called Truro.  George remains in Glasgow with his family, although he hates being a part of that family, they are thugs, gangsters, murderers.  He just wants his girlfriend Kathleen and his daughter back in his life, he longs for that and plots and plans for it.

On finding a bag full of cash, George sets off to Truro to find his true love and his little daughter who he called Moll (a nickname for Margaret).  Things go wrong and before George gets a chance to speak to Kathleen and to ask her to leave with him he ends up doing the stupidest thing but for all the right reasons.  He stops bullies hurting his daughter, but at that minute  he hears police, and George being one of the McLaughlin family panicked, he grabbed Moll and put her in his car and roared off heading south.  Yes he kidnapped his own daughter.

Everything about this story was amazing, how one man from such a rough ruthless family had cared for and loved Kathleen and his daughter Moll, so much so he would do anything to be with them again.  The man had a heart of gold, even though he was deemed to be thick as a plank at school.  George endured many heartaches in his youth, yet he could still love with a passion.

The kidnapping was broadcast nationwide, but with some misinformation, they were of the opinion the little girl aged 7 years old at the time was taken by a child killer.  Not everyone believed that one Journalist named Angus was hot on the trail.,

Being kidnapped for any 7-year-old would be traumatic, to find out the extent of Margaret's trauma, if she survived, then you need to read this terrific story, there are so many terrific things in this book I sat the whole day reading it, just couldn't put it down

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