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TravisTravis by Tracie Podger

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Arc copy provided by author in return for an honest review:

Travis is an important character in the Fallen Angel series of books by Tracie Podger. He is the best friend and childhood friend of Robert Stone.

The pair grew up on the streets, they stole what they could to survive, they lived by their wits and Robert was the brains behind the team. Both boys had horrific childhoods, Travis' family fled from Ireland when he was still nice and comfy inside his mother's stomach. Travis' father was an abusive drunk, his brothers were no better, I guess like monkey sees monkey does, they followed their father's violent footsteps. The only person Travis had at home was his sister, but even that changed one night when all hell broke loose. Travis was forced to flee and leave his family behind, better to do that than die at the hands of his brother or father!!!

Left alone in a big city he lived on the streets, and that is where he met Robert. The pair fast became friends and together they survived, till Travis got very ill, Robert attempted to steal a purse from a lady called Evelyn (something he never did before). The theft failed somewhat and he handed back the purse to a distraught Evelyn and he explained why he needed to steal her money. Enter Evelyn into the boys lives. After helping to get Travis better, Evelyn became like a mother to the boys.

Travis loved Robert like a brother, they were tied together by their history, by their need to care for each other, living on the streets was not going to be the way they lived forever Robert Stone had plans, big plans for him and Travis, and one day he would ensure those plans worked, but till then they had to do what they could to live.

The story is enthralling, you are gripped from the very first book, and each book thereafter. Travis' story is a very necessary part that has to be told, it shows how the boys became so close, it tells their fears, their highs, their lows. There is a dark side to the pair, they are secretive, dangerous, and damn sexy. Yep there is hot sex involved so for over 18s only.

I fell in love with the Fallen Angel series when I read book 1, promptly bought the others, each book is fantastic, so well written, has you gripped page by page. The boys grow into men, hot sexy men, who melt your heart with their story. You can almost feel their pain, feel like you want to grip them and hug them close and tell them everything will be alright. This is how good the books make you feel, and the book about Travis is just like that, you want to wrap him in your arms, stroke his hair and comfort him!

Tracie Podger

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