Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Keeping My Heart Safe by A. Sloan

Amanda Sloan ☆★★★ 99¢ ★★★☆ LIMITED TIME ONLY Need a reason to "One Click" Here's a reason. His name is Alcide and his book is on SALE for 99 pennies! Do you need a book boyfriend to swoon over? Do you want a love story that’s full of love? That has a little suspense with a little drama tucked in. Check out Alcide and Emma’s story. Keeping My Heart Safe is on sale. So if you have been waiting to get it now is the time! 

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Ever since Emmaline Hale was 16 years old she has kept her heart guarded. The only time she ever tried it ended in heartbreak, and if she was honest with herself her heart wasn't even really in it then. On her 27th birthday, Emma decides to finally get out there and try again. She finds herself in an elevator having an almost instant connection with a man, having feelings she has never felt before. Alcide Sloan is the type of man women can't say no to, he has it all the looks, the wealth and power. Not to mention his own trust issues. With all of his past sexual encounters as well as friendships, he has never found or felt a connection with anyone. That is until he steps into the elevator of one of his buildings. With a simple touch he realizes his world as he knew it has just been turned upside down. With that small touch from Alcide, Emma is completely turned inside out. However, will her fears, and the past that comes back to haunt her stop her new life before it even starts? Will Emma be enough for him? Will Alcide be able to trust her with his heart? Will Emma be able to trust him with her past? Will Alcide be able to keep both his heart and Emma safe? 
Content for mature audiences only 18 and older. Contains content of an adult nature and mature language. There are also scenes that contain kidnapping and rape.