Thursday, 12 March 2015

Possessed - Part One (The Possessed Series Book 1) by COCO CADENCE

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

We have an obnoxious boss called Leo King who is the CEO of his parents business, and we have the fiery redhead named Samana who has a temper and a mouth she likes to use frequently to yell at her boss whom she hates with a passion. Hate/love can be a similar affection, sometimes we love to hate and sometimes we hate loving someone.

Samantha is Leo King's PA, she is well paid, she would do almost anything to keep her job, and when her boss hits her with a suggestion she cannot refuse without being sacked, what choice does she have? Lose her well paid job or do what he asks and keep it!!!

Nowhere in her wildest imagination could she understand why he wanted her to do this for him, this was no ordinary thing he was asking her to do, was the man for real? did he seriously expect her to pretend to be his wife? Seems he did and she had absolutely no choice at all, either play along or be dismissed.

I loved how the author blended these two strong characters, how they bounced off each other, how they seemed to one minute be oblivious to each other the next they are in a battle of wills, compelling read, well written and a fantastic end which was a CLIFF-HANGER which means, of course, MORE TO COME yippee

Possessed - Part One (The Possessed Series Book 1)