Monday, 30 March 2015

THE UNSEEN FACE - by Joanne Rhino

I was provided an arc copy of this with a view to providing a review.

The Unseen Face, I really got engrossed in this book because of the writers fantastic way with words, it was very detailed and you had empathy with the main Character James, who mourned for years the loss of his love Emilia, who died of a brain tumour, so we are led to believe. This is a triller with a spin on it that has you reeling.

Even after 10 years and a new girlfriend James is burdened by nightmares that terrify him, his friend Richard forces him to meet with his brother who is a psychiatrist in order to help him get his life straightened out. The psychiatrist focuses on getting James to face his demons, whatever they may be, and James realises if he wants to live a normal life he must solve the puzzle which is within his nightmare.

I won't give anything else away other than to say that this was a terrific read, very intellectually written, with a flair not seen nowadays!!!

I found a couple of errors which I hope were in the delivery of the arc and not the actual book as some words were repositioned incorrectly.

Hats off to Joanne Rhino for a fantastic story.

Authors Blurb

Upon receiving a letter anonymously two weeks prior, ghosts from the past began to come back up to the surface. Nearly every night for the past couple of weeks, poor James has been experiencing a reoccurring nightmare regarding Emilia. In this nightmare, he feels that Emilia is trying to tell him something. Perhaps it is nothing, or perhaps it is about how she died. His nightmare came from the very depths of his soul, haunting him silently until he left his guard down and he experienced an ugliness he had never realized existed inside of him. Despite the ugliness and horror that plagued him, James felt as if his soul held the key to answer his reoccurring dreams and that promised to relieve him of his horror. His doctor, Doctor Jonathan assured him that his dreams were connected to his own subconscious state where successions of emotions, sensations, images and ideas occurred in his mind with him knowing it. Doctor Jonathan claimed that this phenomenon was more prevalent in his sleeping state. He also believed that every picture that James saw within his dreams was a form of unspoken contact from Emilia. It wasn't just Doctor Jonathan that agreed. Richard also agreed that James was perhaps suffering from the loss of Emilia. Even Jennifer believed that Emilia was trying to reach out to James to tell him something in his dreams. However, Jennifer went a step even further and asked James to go to Emilia's tomb and attempt to communicate with her that way. However, when James goes to meet Emilia's parents, his adventure truly begins and he begins to learn things he never thought he would. After believing for so long that Emilia died at the hands of a brain tumor, he quickly learns that is not the case. After hearing from Emilia's mother that her daughter had been killed, James feeling confused goes to the Iredell County Jail to meet Emilia's killer, Adam Jackson. This is when James realizes that Emilia was indeed murdered by the hands of a cold-blooded killer. Every memory James has of Emilia turns out to be from a pack of twisted and horrible lies and he soon realizes he was not the person he thought himself to be.

The Unseen Face by Joannes Rhino