Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I was given this book to review in return for an honest review.


This story starts with Savanah Parry, 18 year old who had her life turned upside down after a serious accident.  Savanah or Ana as she prefers to be called travels over 3000 miles across the state to start at Chastity Falls Academy, this is her fresh start, and time maybe to heal although her physical injuries have healed her mind needs longer as memories haunt her.

Chasity Falls is a new chapter in Ana's life, time to move forward if only she can.  Ana struggles at first to settle in, she keeps herself to herself, even avoiding telling her new room mate Elena anything about herself,   Elena tries to involve a reluctant Ana into the party life, eventually convincing Ana to join her attending the first party of the new Term.  The parties are wild, the main focus of the parties are Chastity Fallen, one of the most successful NCAA college football teams.  The Fallen players rule the campus, they rule off and on the field.

Ana is not interested in The Fallen, their reputation does not appeal to her, however one person does appeal to her, the sexy looking Jackson, whose attention she has definitely got!!!  Ana is not ready for romance, but this man has her senses tingling beyond belief.  Gradually they become a couple but it has to be secret, as the leader of The Fallen is not the kind of man to take Jackson's attachment to Ana very kindly, after all they are like brothers since his father brought Jackson up.

This was one of these stories, you expected to be a bit slow to start and gradually build up, but I was pleasantly surprised, I was smitten by it from get go.  The pace was set perfect, everything flowed extremely well, the twists, turns, surprises were exceptional.  I really enjoyed the whole book, the cover is fabulous, the teasers perfect, an extremely well thought out book, written with passion, because u feel the feelings, you also are aware of their fears, you almost feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

This is the first in a series, so be prepared for a cliff-hanger!!!

If i could I would give this a higher rating than is allowed, its an awesome, touching, exciting story.