Monday, 9 March 2015


I was given an Arc copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review!

 Leila Matthews's is a trauma nurse, she is single and no plans to change that, the only person who means anything to her in her life was her brother who is a police officer.  One night however whilst at work her world almost crashed down on her, an on-duty police officer is brought in with a gunshot wound, OMG she realises it is her brother. Lelia goes into meltdown, you can feel her pain, you can feel her worry, lucky for her its a friend of hers who is doing the surgery and she trusts him to make sure her brother is given the best chance!!!  It is touch-and-go if he will make it, she is in shock mode!!! Then her system is put into overdrive by the appearance of a stranger, who turns out to be the best friend of her brother, his name Brody Davis.  Instantly Leila is drawn to this man, he is drop dead gorgeous.  Wow the attraction was mutual, this man never did relationships, his love em and leave em attitude was how he lived.  Seeing Leila changed that, he wanted her, he wanted to make her his, he wanted to take her where she had never been before.  He had no intention of just blowing Leila off, she was his best friend's baby sister, and she was all he ever wanted in a woman.

Brody Davis was a rich man in his own right, he was a real estate developer, his parents who died in an accident were wealthy and he inherited from them, riches, properties, cars, yes this man was loaded with cash and with looks, he was smoking hot!!!  Is Brody the jealous type? well yes after running into a friend of Leila's called Jax you can see the green eyed monster appear.  This guy Jax is a man who turned up in casualty one night, he needed stitches but being a macho guy he refused just bandage it up he had demanded.  He appears regularly throughout the story, and Brody dislikes him immensely is it just because he sees him as a threat? does he think he is stalking Leila?  Brody is a typical Alpha male, and his jealousy surfaces every now and then, will that ruin his and Leila's relationship?

Leila is attractive, slim, with ample curves, she turned men's heads easily but she never had been very interested before.   Her work, her dog, an ex-police dog, and her beloved brother, was all Leila had time for.  Could she risk getting involved with this man Brody, would he hurt her, why would he want her she was just a working class woman, all she could give him was herself, would it be enough?

I loved the whole story, it captivated me from page 1 till the end and left me wanting more and more !!!  The hot steamy love between these two main characters was exciting, funny, it melted your heart at times and made you giggle at others.  These two have a chemistry second to none, but will Brody's jealousy ruin it ? in fact Leila has a few jealous moments too.  The story was written superbly, it never got boring or dull, just flowed at a great pace with you dying to read on to see what was coming next.

Needless to say there was a cliffhanger - and I for one can't wait for more! 

Do you not just love those eyes? OMG dreamy or what, piercing blue eys would melt your heart!!!