Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I received an Arc copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.  I am only obliged to give my honest opinion which I have.

The main character in the story is Garnet (Gar) who is a top DJ, despite having a tough life she worked hard to get to where she is, making  a career from her love of the music industry.  Garnet is in a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend Lena, and is very happy with her life as it now is.

Gar meets Wesley Black (Wes), an ex-NFL football player who wrecked his career, by being tested positive for drugs.  He was brought up by his mother after his father Maxwell Thompson walked out on them.  Now Wes is back under his father's wing, working for him.  Wes has seen Gar and is drawn to her like a magnet, he is determined to help her career at the same time redeem himself in his father's eyes.  Wes also is besotted with Gar, and wants to have a sexual relationship with Gar, but the problem is Gar is having none of it she is in love with Lena and does not plan on ending the relationship for Wes or anyone else.

Gar is offered a contract with Red Star, a string of nightclubs around the country.  Red Star only hires the best DJ's around, so Gar is delighted to be given this opportunity.  It's the offer of a lifetime and will ensure her plenty work and plenty exposure.  Her contract will involve doing gigs at the clubs and making appearances at any festivals they sponsor.  It is something Gar cannot turn down, this will make her even bigger in the music industry than she already is.

Red Star is owned by Maxwell Thompson, and Gar was recommended to Maxwell by his son Wes, he knows Gar is good enough, that she is very talented, but he also wants to help her, and to be closer to her.  Gar, of course, is not aware Maxwell is Wesley's father.

This is a great story, well written, sexually explicit in parts, it has you wanting more and more.  You can feel for Gar, the life she has had as a child, the way she worked her backside off to make it work.  The relationship she has with Lena, the fear she has of Wes, and how he seems to make her react.

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