Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I received a copy of this by the Author in return for an honest review.  I am under no obligation to give anything other than my honest opinion.
My Rating for this is 4 Stars.
Wildflower is an inspiring  book about growing, learning, and love. It tells the story of a young girl who loses her father and must move back to the States with her aunt and uncle where she must find her place in this new life, a life  that she did not expect to have to live. Sydney goes from knowing what love is from a wonderful father to being treated like a burden by her uncle who wishes she was not living in his home and in his daughter's room (he lost his daughter at a young age). Sydney must endure watching her aunt being treated badly as well as suffer her own abuse.

Sydney finds solace in her new friend Lexy, who has a very different background than Sydney. Lexy has had her own set of troubles. When she loses her mother, her aunt steps in as the mother figure for her and as her father’s lover. Then, her aunt leaves her and her father to take care of each other. Lexy does all that she can to protect her father from gold diggers, and she loves to play pranks on the potential women in her father’s life. Lexy and Sydney form a bond and friendship that helps both of them through the tough times in their lives.

This book also tells of Sydney’s aunt and the hard times that she goes through with her husband and losing her job. Blanche (Sydney’s aunt) has to deal with the brunt of her husband’s abuse and the fact that he does not believe in her dreams. Then, Blanche meets Max (Lexy’s father) and re-learns what it mean to love and this reignites a passion inside her. When she loses her job, Max believes in her and helps her follow her dreams.
If like many of us you are looking for encouragement to be yourself and for motivation to follow your dreams, regardless of what life throws at you, then this book will deliver!! It is an honest and real book that you can relate to and truly enjoy. I hope that anyone that reads this book can gain something from it and follow their dreams.
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