Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Review (5 Star) of The Light of The Eldari by T.F.G. WALLIS

I was given an Arc copy of this book by the Author in return for an honest review, I am under no obligation to give a good review as I am only required to be honest.  The following review is my honest opinion !!

This was a great read, there was space travel involved,  not sure if it was supernatural, paranormal, but there was so much going on it kept you reading on, without getting bored.  Strange names, like Tzoona, Mixen, Drask, Orrelhack, Chask, Ungo, Trit, Con,  Finds, the evil tyrant Zog, the people of Topek, 

There are various characters involved in the story, but the main plot is around the Eldari, ancient beings who are guided by all things good, they are superior in every way, they have powers of unimaginable forces, all used to protect the Light.  This seems to be something that others who are not so good are trying to find!!  Evil searches for the Light, for this powerful source, from where they are unsure it is coming from.

A band of men landed on the planet to find the Light, they were not evil, they were good, and they were part of the main plot, who along with the Eldari headed to where the Light was.  The Eldari knew all about it and what it was, but he, of course, kept this secret to himself.   One of the men, Con, accidently swallowed a piece of Heartstone, and the watch was on him whilst they waited on him passing the piece of stone out.  He didn't pass the stone out, instead it seemed to consume him and fill him with powers that even the powerful Eldari could not match.  This is where you get the clue that the Heartstone is the Light and the power that they all seek.

There are many weird and wonderful things in this story, I loved the part where one man who was called Finds was consumed by the evil in the forest, he became one of them, he no longer saw the foul gruesome ugly trees, he saw only beauty within them.  It creeped you out but kept you mesmerized waiting for the next unimaginable thing to happen.

A truly well written, in-depth, story, with enough twists and turns, the occasional funny parts, it felt a bit historical too when other races, planets etc were described.

The evil in the story was powerful, and I was sitting gripping the chair at times, it was so intense.  

I do not think I have ever read a book like this, it really was compelling, a little hard to follow with so much happening at times, so many strange weird and wonderful names, I had to really shut myself off from everything and let the book just soak me in (which it did).  Hopefully, there will be another book to follow this fantastic story.!