Friday, 26 June 2015

Review of The Soul Stone - by Jamie Marchant

I Received a copy of this book in exchange an honest review.


An evil roams the kingdom, the source of it stems from The Soul Stone, and an evil Bard named Alvabane was responsible for  using the Soul Stone's powers to curse the land, where everything was dying.  Nothing was sacred, the plants, the insects, animals and the humans all were dying, and only one person in the kingdom stood a chance of destroying the stone and ending Alvabane's attempts to destroy the land and Her Highness Queen Samantha, the person the gods had chosen was  the husband of Queen Samantha, can King Robrek succeed, can he survive?

This book is amazing, it is a time warp, of olden times, of magic and mystery,  where loyalty and honour  were how lands thrived.  Kings & Queens ruled. Priests and High Priests ruled the churches, but not all were loyal to the queen and her husband.  They believed she had damaged the church by marrying a peasant, even though that peasant was chosen by a God to be the then princess' husband.  

Many twists and turns happen, many characters are involved, beautiful creatures are talked about, healers were busy healing ill and dying, and evil doers were busy creating more havoc by their curse.  I was swept along on this mystical journey and enjoyed every moment of the trip.  I was so engrossed in the story, I even found myself shouting out loud warnings or encouragement!!!

The Author has created a magical story, fabulous characters, beautiful creatures like the Horsetad, amazing descriptive details given so much so you can imagine you are there involved in the story. I loved this story so much, I was transported along with the characters, feeling their pain, revelling in their joy.  Truly awesome read!!