Sunday, 7 June 2015

Review of Numbers Game (Numbers Game Saga Book 1) by Rebecca Rode

Numbers Game is a good and interesting book by Rebecca Rode.
This book is about a society in which everyone must be rated to see where he/she fits into the NORA Society. The higher you’re rated the better your life will be for you and your family. In the NORA Society each number rating has a color that shows your standing, green is the highest, yellow is in the middle class, and red is the worst possible rating to receive. Treena, Tali, and Dresden have been preparing for their Rating Day all their lives. Dresden expects to receive a high number in green, Tali does not seem to really care even though she is Treena’s best friend and Treena expects to be close to Dresden in scoring so that they can be together. The shock comes when Treena gets a rating in  the red and does not understand why. 

Treena forms a plan to get her rating changed and =she ends up being placed in EPIC a branch of the military. Treena is told that if she works with EPIC and Vance that she can have her rating reviewed to try and increase the score by finding a spy. When she starts working with EPIC she meets and falls for Vance and finds out that the Empress wants her dead. Treena and Vance do not know why, but will soon find out when Treena meets her biological father Jasper. Treena will finally discover the truth of the NORA rating system and what it means for her and the NORA Society.

If you like the Divergent Series and The Giver, you will like Number games and you will enjoy the multiple characters that you meet along the way. This book has many twists, turns, pulls at your heart strings and will leave you wondering what is going to happen next with Treena, Vance, Jasper, and NORA.