Sunday, 14 June 2015

GLAZOV by Suzanne Steel (my review 5 stars)

I was gifted this book by the author, in return for my honest review: 5 stars
The author brought to life two very opposite characters in this story, first you meet Kathleen, who is a very strong self-assured business woman, whose assistant Rene has a secret to reveal. Next there is Glazov, he is a Russian Mafia Boss, who is ruthless and loves nothing more than to inflict pain, he is not the kind of guy to mess with, not the kind of guy you would envisage ever meeting up with!
Rene confesses to Kathleen she is a gambler, she got into debt by borrowing from Glazov and now she is in a situation she cannot escape from. Kathleen being a strong person decides to meet face to face with Glazov in order to get her friend out of the mess she is in. This surely is not her brightest idea, but off she goes and meets him regardless.
Glazov is a man who gets what he wants, he will kill to get it, inflict pain, whatever it takes. When Kathleen arrives at his office, he decides that Kathleen now owes him £100k for the £50k her assistant Rene borrowed off him. How can she pay that back, it is pretty soon shown to her by Glazov he is serious, he tells her she will do as he says or her friend and employee will die if she resists!
Can Kathleen endure the pain inflicted? will she remain sane more importantly?
This is an amazing story, the plot is excellent, the characters merge so perfectly, and the story storms along and gets you soaked up in their drama, I loved this from start to finish and there is no predictability, you cannot in your wildest imagination what will happen when you begin to read this book!!! Absolutely amazing read, cannot wait to see if the author will bring out a second book involving that pair of opposites.