Sunday, 28 June 2015

Review of BOUND FOR HELL (book one) by KENDRA LEIGH

Angel, was terrified of relationships, her idea of a relationship was just sexual, she would love them and leave them so to speak. Although a stunning  looking woman Angel will not commit to any man.  She works hard, plays hard but none of the guys mean anything to her.

One night everything changes she catches the eye of Ethan Wilde and her heart races, she is immensely sexually attracted to him by his terrific looks and amazing body, and by the way he looks at her in return it is clear he feels the exact same.  Angel ends up sleeping with Ethan, she decided before hand that he is probably a love them and leave them kinda guy, but is she right? Could Ethan want more?   

Well that is all the information I am prepared to disclose relating to the actual story for fear of spoiling it, but, I will tell you this is sexually explosive, the sex scenes are explicit, it's not just hot it's on fire, the Author writes so beautifully you cannot help but be swept away in this terrific story. 

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