Saturday, 6 June 2015

My Review of Perilous (Dauntless MC Book 2) by Suzanne Steel

MY REVIEW - 5 stars
Hells Demons is a Motorcycle Club, and Daisy the main female character starts off telling of her life in Hells Demons which started off great with her old man Billy the president of Hells Demons.  The good times soon ended when the group got involved in producing METH and selling it, but worse her old man Billy got hooked and he is knocking Daisy around in his meth-crazed rages.  Daisy decided she had enough and wanted out, but her life would be in danger because you do not just walk from Billy!!!

Making the decision to leave was easy but keeping herself safe would not be, so Daisy decided to hook up with the rival biker group Dauntless MC, however, this would be no easy task as the chance of them accepting her from a rival club into theirs was remote but she had to give it her best shot.

Preacher is the main male character in the story, he is a dark and dangerous hunk, who has methods of getting information from people that would make a normal person squirm.  He spots Daisy immediately when she is doing a trial as a  pole dancer at their club, on realising she is from Hells Demons, he knows immediately that he will either be killing her or claiming her as his own.  The attraction he has for her makes him realise right off he won't be letting the stunning Daisy out of his sight.

Preacher gets permission from the President to keep her and Daisy is delighted finally to get a man who will not knock seven bells out of her daily, but both of them realise that Hells Demons are likely to seek revenge and that they have to protect their precious Dauntless MC and its members.  Things start to happen that leads them to suspect the rival biker club, and preparations are put in hand to finally SORT THEM OUT, but not all is as it seems, maybe the trouble is closer to home than they can imagine.

I can tell you straight out, if you do not like the use of swear words then do not read, this is a true to type biker story, it has swearing, sex and the likes, but this book has an amazing story, of hopelessness, of a new beginning, it is about family life you only find in the biker community.  Loyalty, love, hope, betrayal, sexual chemistry this has it all and you will not be disappointed. There are so many emotions running wild in this story you cannot help but be captured.  I absolutely loved the book and will surely be reading the continuing Dauntless books.