Thursday, 25 June 2015


I received an Arc from the Author in return for an honest review.

5 Star

The story of Garnet and her career as a DJ in LA continues.  Wes Black still persues her, and she is struggling to keep her distance.

Gar is on tour, and Wes is also accompanying her on this tour, something she did not expect but as his father owns the company Red Star that she signed with, she cannot do a thing about it, except keep her distance as best she can from Wes.  Gar is remembering more and more of her drunken night with Wes, and she realizes she was more than willing.  Gar has made it clear to Wes that this will not happen again that her heart belongs to Lena, this stings Wes, he really has strong feelings for Gar.

The time away from Lena her long-term live-in lover, is tough on her, tough on them both actually.  Lena went home to her mother while Gar was away.  Lena's mother has never been happy of the pair's relationship.  Lena still has no idea that anything happened between Gar and Wes, and Gar has no intention of telling her and breaking her heart.

Wes is still upset at Gar's statement about her heart belonging to Lena, and he rather childishly changes Gar's normal spot behind the closing Gig, to near the start of the Gig.  Basically meaning she loses some of the excitement of being high on the TOP SPOTS - Gar's manager Xavier tells her that the way to go out on this Gig with a bang, is for her to sing, they both know she can sing, and he knows that her fans would love to hear her sing a whole song, instead of the odd vocal during her performance as a DJ.  Gar although nervous agrees, and on this last night of this Gig, she decides she will sing, and show Wes, and his father Maxwell that she deserves top billing.

I will not say anything else about this story now as I do not want to give anything away but this is a great part of the story, not to be missed, and I am sure the Author will keep this going in any further books she may have up her sleeve for Garnet.

Once again the sex is hot !!! Just thought I had better mention that!

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