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Author Spotlight on Connie Lafortune


Tell us  a bit about yourself:  

I'm a shift supervisor by day and an author at night. I love spending time with my family and friends, taking  walks along the beach and listening to music. If I'm not in my office writing, then I'm curled up on the couch with my nose buried in a book. I live in Connecticut with my husband Alan.

I'm a true believer in love conquering all. That's one of the reasons why I love writing romance novels. I want to create a story with strong believable characters. One's that will make you laugh, cry and feel every emotion under the sun. Leaving you breathless and begging for more...

Tell us about your latest Book/Series:  

I've published two books in the past two years. My first, Because of You which went live on December 22, 2013. Best Christmas present, Ever! My second is The Claiming of Callan which went live on November 22, 2014. They are both intended as Contemporary Romance with a bite. In other words, they are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 due to language and sexual content. Both of them are a stand alone.

Tell us about your work  in progress:  

I'm very hush-hush when it comes to the novel I'm creating. But don't despair. Because every Wednesday, I posted a new teaser on my website to give you all a little 'taste.' They started in the month of January and ended the last Wednesday of April. So, feel free to go to my website and click on the blog tab at the top of the page. I double dog dare you! Oh and when you do, pay no mind to the sexy man that's hovering over you. It's just Ryker Steel making sure you're all behaving yourselves...

What Inspires your writing? 

Inspiration is all around me. All I need to do is keep my eyes wide open and observe my surroundings. Everyone that I come in contact with on a daily basis has their own hidden story. It's just up to me to put their thoughts and feelings down on a piece of paper, for all of you to read and enjoy. When your passionate about writing, all you need is your imagination to take you where you want to go.Then the sky's the limit.

What do you do when you are not writing?  

I love, love, love to read. My Kindle is just shy of five hundred books. Granted, that's four years in the making  but that should tell you how much I read in a years time. I still work a full-time job also, so I try to get at least two hours of writing time in a day.Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I set out to do.

How hard was it to get your first book  published? 

I actually did a lot of research before publishing my first novel. I checked all the self-publishing site's to see which one best suited me. After much deliberation, I chose Outskirts Press. My first step was sending them my manuscript. Then once  I received my acceptance letter the whole process took about three months. They were professional, courteous, and patient. I had such a wonderful experience, that I decided to publish my second book with them also.

How hard was it to think up names for your characters?

I love names! So for me it wasn't hard at all. I have several sites that I've bookmarked and use them all the time. Sometimes I even pick a name simply because of it's meaning.

Do you prefer Stand alone or Series?  

I'm not a very patient person, so I'd have to pick a stand-alone.  Although, I've been known to read a series from time to time. 

Do you read  the same genre as you write about or do you prefer something different?

 I read every kind of genre, as long as it's fiction.

 What is your absoloute favorite book and what makes it so special?

That's a real tough one. Especially, since all the great authors are doing series now. So, if I had to choose just one novel, it would have to be Destroyed by Pepper Winters. Roan and Hazel are both heartbreaking, beautiful, powerful and sexy. And when their two tortured souls finally come together, you will be Destroyed...  

How do you get your books to the attention of the public?

Marketing is by far the hardest part of this whole process. With millions of e-books out there, we are constantly trying to find ways to promote, promote, promote. Whether it be Kindle countdown deals, giveaways, free promotions, Social Media, or just word of mouth. Fortunately for us, there are wonderful bloggers like yourself who are willing to spread the word.

Do you have a Street team:  No...

The Claiming of Callan

Thank you very much, Connie, for participating in the Author Spotlight, I hope you had as much fun as I did.  It has been a pleasure doing this interview with you.

Lilian x

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