Friday, 4 September 2015

Review: Tribulation and Truths

Tribulation and Truths Tribulation and Truths by L.A. Cotton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a freaking fabulous series, I was hooked by the first few pages of book 1, and I have not been disappointed for a split second on any of the 3 books. The Story of Savannah (Ana) and Jackson has been one filled with such a variety of emotions that it is a wonder they survived, there is great sorrow, pain, misery, tears, laughs, loving, and so much more. I advise you to read the books in order so that you can totally follow them along this journey, through the good times and especially through the bad times. It is one of those stories that you cannot wait to finish, but you also dread it ending.

The author defines her characters in an exceptional way, Ana is at the start of the story a very withdrawn person but by the end of the series, she gets some spirit and fights for her happy ever after, although at times she did feel like giving up on their relationship. I really got each of the characters in the book, even the baddies, each had been described so well you felt you knew them personally.

A totally terrific series, and I was blessed to have been given copies in return for an honest review. I can only say DANG I AM A VERY LUCKY LADY to get these to read.

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