Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Review: Cold Quarry by Andy Straka

Cold Quarry Cold Quarry by Andy Straka
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

PI Frank Pavlicek is on a new case. This case involves a friend named Chester Carew who ended up dead after a hunting accident, but was it an accident?

Obviously as an old friend of Frank, he sets out to investigate, and he himself gets attacked, making it clear to him that this was no hunting accident. Frank and his friend Jake Toronto start probing to find out what they can. Nicole who is Frank's daughter has been working with him as an investigator learning the ropes, but he sends her back to his office as he needs her there and not in the line of fire.

This story is excellent, the author touches on subjects of white supremacy, shady characters, and both Frank and Jake end up knee deep in trouble. People are dying and not by accident either!

Straka as usual entwines his love of falconry into the story, which in itself makes things different from the normal detective stories. I also love that Straka manages to convey his story without the amount of vulgarities we see in some books, although I am not offended by these some may be and this is not the case in Straka's books, they are good clean stories.

I have to thank Brash Books for allowing me to read this terrific story in return for an honest review. Honestly, these Straka books are a pleasure to read gripping, thrillers that keep you enthralled all the way. Well done to the author on another fabulous story.

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