Thursday, 24 September 2015

Review: The Affair

The Affair The Affair by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is Jack Reacher's life back in 1997 when he was still in the military, and a murder happened that he was sent by his superior to investigate but, of course, he is expected to protect the Army at all costs. Reacher, of course, has principles he will do what is right and stuff the consequences.

On his arrival at the town where the murder happened he meets the Sheriff a hot and sexy lady named Elizabeth Deveraux, who just happens to be ex-navy. They have to work together to get to the truth, and as usual Reacher will upset someone, beat up someone else, kick ass, and perhaps have to decide what his relationship is with the sexy Sheriff Deveraux.

Reacher seems to be getting more aggressive in the series, but perhaps that is because the Author was hoping for the big screen with these books. Looks like he succeeded but perhaps at a cost to his readers. I still love the author's work and I hope Reacher's violence gets reigned in a little lol (not too much),

All in all I did love the story, I enjoyed Reacher and Deveraux's pairing, I enjoyed the fact that no matter what the cost Reacher keeps going to the end. I don't think this is one of Lee Child's best attempts but still nevertheless an excellent read.

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