Wednesday, 2 September 2015

REVIEW of Graywullf: Book One of the Dragonspawn Trilogy

My review - rating given 5 Star

This book is amazing, it has it all, loyalties, deceit, friendships, enemies, and some weird and wonderful characters. The main characters are a dark wizard by the name of Lynch, and Lorn Graywullf a warrior. 

It seems Lorn Graywolf and his warriors have been sent by their council on all sorts of tasks which have kept them away from their home for over 2 years, but these tasks were never meant to be completed, they were meant to cause their deaths. They have had to fight some terrible battles, heavy storms, and more. During a storm, Lorn pulled a man from the sea and saved him from drowning only to find that he saved a Dark Wizard named Lynch. Lynch has done some horrific deeds in his past which has spanned many lifetimes but he owes Lorn his life and offers to help him get to his home and to help them return their lands to normal after Lynch has told them of the happenings there which are not good.

There are many characters in this story each of whom could warrant their own book, I loved Smilin Jake, his character is particular interesting, Ox is another who seems to be a big silent type but deadly nevertheless. Lorn is a father, and a man oh honour and he is shocked to find that his council has been dishonest and that his people the magrii'ri are suffering terrible things because of them. The real problem is Marsten a member  of the council who has started dealing with another evil dark wizard Timon Blackhelm who is tied to Black Queen.

As you can see there are plenty characters to follow and there is plenty of action in the story to keep you gripped.

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