Thursday, 14 May 2015

MY REVIEW of Fallen Angel Part 1 by Tracie Podger

As part of Tracie's Street Team I got excited about her Fallen Angel series, so I promptly bought Fallen Angel book 1, as soon as I started reading the first few pages it was like WOW oh WOW, I bought all of my copies and feel under no obligation to state anything but the absolute truth regarding these books.

What can I say about the Fallen Angel Series, HOLY HECK  I can say plenty, this set of books are absolutely awesome, it starts in England with Brooke, who after a broken relationship heads to USA for a holiday to visit her gay friend.  Brooke loves it there and before long she h becomes embroiled in the life of  Robert Stone a deep, dark, dangerous chunk of hunk.

The two begin a romance that you can clearly see is very deep and very meaningful, the sexual chemistry is second to none, the author captures the essence of this in her erotic scenes, which blow your mind.

I totally got absorbed in this book when I opened my kindle at 11pm at night for a quick read of a few pages, hours later i was finished as I couldn't put it down, it gripped me from page 1, and held my attention all night, deprived me of sleep but oh how it was worth every missing minute lol.

I quickly set off and purchased book II, book III, Robert and Evelyn, and await her new book  part of the Fallen Angels , the wonderful Travis, who was a childhood friend of Robert Stone, they have been through some fun times and some tough times together.  

If I could give this series a 100-star rating I certainly would, it was the best read I have ever had (and I did read Fifty Shades of Grey) this was much better!!