Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MY REVIEW of the Re-Release of DIE FOR ME by the late Jack Lynch

I was provided a copy of this by the publishers via NetGalley, and for that I am extremely grateful.  I will give an honest review in return.

This was the last book by Jack Lynch before his death, so it is the last of P.I. Peter Bragg.  I like Bragg, he is a very likeable guy, but not without some issues.  He was a reporter, who decided to become a private detective, his work is his life, he loves to get involved in a juicy case (habit of being a reporter I guess).

On his last day at the newspaper years previously,  he saved a woman who was trying to commit suicide.  Now all these years later she contacts him, claiming she is a psychic and believes she is going to die at the hands of a serial killer.  Of course, she wants to hire Bragg to help her.

Bragg is unsure whether or not he actually believes what she says, whether he believes what psychic's say but he believes he should try to find the bodies she claimed to see in her vision.  Based on the information she provides him, he recognises it as being Jack London State Park, and before long the bodies start being dug up.

Bodies are found with identification on them, cash, cards, personal items, serial killers usually have a specific type they go after, but from the bodies found there did not appear to be any particular type, young, old, male, female, crooks, there was a real mixture of corpses.  Regardless of likeness to type, it is definite that there is a serial killer, now to find the link is going to be hard.  So the hunt begins with the help of a female detective, to find the deranged killer.   Can the psychic help him? you have to read to find out.

Terrific thriller, full of twists and turns, this was an excellent story, it kept me gripped all the way through.  I am sad to think that Peter Bragg will not be around anymore, but Jack Lynch's memory lives on forever in his amazing characters.