Saturday, 2 May 2015

REVIEW of WORDS TO PONDER, About Life, Love and Men by Karen Michelle Miller

ABOUT THE BOOK - by the Author
When Karen Michelle Miller was a teenager, her mother and brother died suddenly and tragically. Unable to cope with the loss, she turned to alcohol and drugs and headed on a downward spiral for many years. She has since recovered and lives a life filled with purpose and happiness. She is committed to spreading the message of hope to women who are suffering. In "Words to Ponder About Life, Love and Men," she conveys via verse poetry the lessons she has learned on her journey from utter despair to contentment and happiness.

MY REVIEW - 4 star
Perhaps I need to read Poetry more often this was superb!!!!
Notwithstanding the fact that I do not normally read poetry, I found this exciting, it was honest, blunt, calming, every verse had logic to it, beautifully written with words to sooth and inspire each and every one of us, everyday life can be stressful and sometimes just awful, but these words make you realise that we hold our own destiny, make our own choices, if we make a bad choice or take a wrong turn, we are the ones who hold the key to the way to sort the issues.

I am truly amazed at how these verses made me stop and think, made me realise WE ARE OUR OWN PERSON.