Friday, 22 May 2015

My Review of The Quality of Silence by Rosamund Lupton (5 stars)

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to review this book!!

Well, what can I say except FREAKING awesome.  At first I was saying to myself oh yeah come on kids are not as articulate as this, they are not likely to say these things and was quite smug with myself for "catching the author out"!! Yeah not likely I had no sooner said that to myself when the author obviously smarter than me wrote that the child was highly intelligent, gifted or words to that effect! Slapdown for me, typical.

Anyway the story is narrated by Ruby, a little girl whose father has been out in the wilderness of Alaska, where a serious fire has reportedly burned the total village killing everyone (including Ruby's Dad).

Ruby and her mother try to get the police to investigate the area again, to find Ruby's dad, they both believe he is alive and alone out there and needs to be rescued.  With nobody believing them, they set off on a perilous trip to find little Ruby's dad, and that trip is fraught with danger.  The roads are treacherous, the driver of the wagon who gave them a ride is taken ill and had to be transported to a hospital.  Realising they are being followed, Ruby's mum takes the wagon and drives it herself to find her missing husband.

The trip is on the icebound roads, where there is just darkness, no daylight, and a storm brewing that could cause an avalanche and kill them.  Should they go on? should they return to Fairbanks?

I will not say anything further about the story as I do not wish to spoil your enjoyment, but take it from me, you will be ROOTED TO THE SPOT, you will become obsessed to read on further, you will more than likely become their cheerleader, hoping that they make it safe to their destination.  

Mother and daughter's bond was not as strong as the father, daughter bond, but surely this trip will change that!!!

The Quality of Silence is a fantastic thriller and I for one will make sure I read more of this author's work.