Tuesday, 12 May 2015


This is narrated by the main character, it is set in the future caused by global warming and is sort of science fiction but without the expected aliens and space ships and time warp travel.  I read the book at a slow pace in order to understand the author's meanings, there are plenty parts that have you thinking OMG this could happen to us sometime in the future.  Imagine the planet being scorched alive and the only alternative to surviving is living under a canopy that is designed to protect us mere mortals.  Canopies, of course, have limitations, so you then start to think hmmm what about over-population, how will the canopy cope with that? Like I said this story makes you think about the future and wonder perhaps how true the authors insight might be.

The story does have sex scenes which are quite graphic but are relative to the storyline, so I would recommend adult only for this book.

There are enough conspiracy theories to have you captivated, you will find out as the story evolves what the narrator finds out, it is one of those books that you compelled to read further to discover more and more of what lies ahead.

I have read the authors book Glyphs, that too is a highly "out of the normal" type of book.  If you enjoy different then you are going to love this.