Thursday, 28 May 2015

Review of Redeem This (Tenderness and Terror: Clean Romantic Suspense Series Book 2) by Cami Checketts

Redeem This:

Authors Blurb
Some men are beyond redemption. Alex is one of them.
After Alex Chakhota was blackmailed and manipulated into becoming a hit man to protect his sister, serving time as the FBI's assassin doesn't do much to ease his conscience. His next assignment brings him face to face with Brittany, a beautiful woman that believes he's more than the killer he's been made into. The road to redemption is long for someone with a blackened soul, and with lives hanging in the balance, Alex has a short deadline.
Detective Scott Bentley's days of law enforcement are behind him. When he's asked to host agents at his secluded ranch for an FBI sting operation, Scott cannot refuse. Ivy McMahon shows up with the team, and Scott gets more than he signed up for. Not only can she hack into the any computer system, she's found a way into Scott's heart. The trouble is that she's in protective custody and when the job ends, she'll disappear. Is redemption possible for those whose lives are scarred by the past?
Is redemption possible for those who lives are scarred by the past? With danger crowding close, not even love may have a chance to redeem before it's too late.
Scott is on his horse farm taking a break from the grueling life of a detective when the FBI calls on him to help with a case that is breaking near his farm. Scott is not excited to have Alex back in his life but will do what he has too. Scott is intrigued to see the feisty brunette Ivy that was a part of the Natasha case just a short time ago.

REVIEW - 5 stars
After Scott deals with the FBI, he runs into Brittany on his farm, who is running from her ex-husband with her daughter Savannah. When, Scott calls the FBI to help her get away he learns that Brittany can help with the case they are trying to deal with. Brittany and Savannah stay with Scott to help build the case to take down her ex.
Alex shows up at Scott’s farm just trying to do what the FBI wants to help protect his sister, who has Down syndrome, but he did not realize he would be meeting Brittany and her daughter Savannah. Neither did he realize that she would help make him into a better man. However, he first had to get passed Ivy, the woman he hurt when he killed Ivy’s fiancé. He just came to do a job and take down a bad guy, but is there hope that he can find forgiveness from Ivy and love from Brittany?
Ivy was all for helping the FBI take down scumbags and had the tech suave to know how to do it, as long as, there was an inside man to help. Ivy never counted on the inside FBI man being Alex. Ivy hated Alex for killing her fiancé and stealing her life away from her. Ivy is bound and determined to keep Alex from having any happiness with Brittany until she finally forgave Alex and allowed herself to fall for Scott.

Brittany, Ivy, Alex, Scott, and the FBI agents take down the criminals, save Brittany in the process but have to deal with an escaped Chrysler. Ivy and Alex have to say goodbye to the ones they have just fallen in love with so that Ivy can be protected and Alex can kill Chrysler. However, in the process of Alex dealing with Chrysler he is killed or is he… This book is definitely worth the read. You will not be disappointed by any means and you are always left wanting more.