Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Review of YESTERDAY IS DEAD (A Bragg Thriller) by JACK LYNCH

I received a copy of the book by the publishers via NetGalley, a big thank you as I love Jack Lynch's work, and applaud you for the re-releases.

MY REVIEW - 5 Stars

Peter Bragg is a Private Investigator who returns to his hometown Seattle where he left his ex-wife Lorna and his old life behind.  His reason for returning is simple, an old friend needs his help, so Bragg sets off on his trip, which becomes a trip of a lifetime (so to speak).

Benny his old friend is a free-lance writer, who has been getting threats on his life to the extent he has been shot at and although the shots fired missed him an innocent bystander was killed.

On Braggs arrival Benny's sons are almost kidnapped on the way home from school, but thankfully Bragg stopped the kidnap, which ends up with him receiving his own threats on his life.

If all this was not enough on poor Bragg's plate his ex-wife Lorna is hell bent on rekindling their relationship.

As usual Jack Lynch has written a fantastic thriller.  Suspense, thrilling, more twists and turns than a corkscrew!!!