Monday, 18 May 2015

My Review of Timeless Endings by Alexandra Forry

I was swept along on a trip between the past and the present involving members of a mafia family, in the present we meet Adrianne and Vincent friends who set out on a trip to the past to discover the truth surrounding their parents demise.  They want to take this journey to understand who killed their parents, to understand the love that Adrianne and Vincent's' parents felt for each other.

Along the way they discover they too have fallen for each other, it seems they are doomed to follow in their parents footsteps or are they?

There are a host of characters throughout the story, you meet uncle Al, who appears at Adrianne's father's funeral, he was part of the past part of the story, but re-appeared to help the pair out, to tell them things nobody else could, to help them understand how their parents felt about each other.  Then there are the surprises you are not expecting which I won't disclose for fear of spoiling this for you.

I love mafia stories, and this just delivered a great read, the characters were so realistic and believable.  You could feel the tension between both the present characters as well as the exciting strong feelings of the past characters.  Both past and present blended well, the only thing that I felt was missing was at the start of the PAST or PRESENT chapters the chapters could have been named ie ADRIANNE & VINCENT or EVELYN & TONY.