Saturday, 16 May 2015

Review of Amber Dragon (The Dragon Chronicles) by Adam Boustead (5 Star)

This book is quite eclectic, and I would say extremely diverse, there are short stories and poems (verses). Each one has a special meaning and some are very poignant. In every short story, the author has written about a blind man being one of the characters, perhaps a unique signature stamp, as he himself is blind.
I will choose a couple of stories to comment upon.
This story was about cruelty, bullying, shapeshifters, about a family of dragons, and their strong bond of love and caring, which is no different from us mere mortals. It also tells of the love that develops between one dragon and one human, it is a very sweet and meaningful story.
There was a quote which I read that I found very honest and I just had to mention it. Quote - "That, which is different often disturbs and causes those who are normally kind to do unkind things"
"To hunt for food or clothing is acceptable. To hunt for sport and to ake more than the hunter's share is not. Beware you vain Human you are not at the top of the food chain. Hunt well or be hunted"
Love, deceit, weird people, weird animals, and much more. Have you smoked Moonshine? it seems to be a potent erotic drug, which captivates the audience, but things may not always be as simple as they seem.